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A2M Joint Pain Therapy

Nearly one-third of all adults suffer from joint pain at some point in their lives. Although joint pain most commonly occurs in the knees, shoulders, and hips, it can happen really anywhere in the body. It can affect anyone at any age, whether you’re an athlete who has overexerted themselves or simply someone whose joints have naturally stiffened with age. Joint pain can manifest as tennis elbow, tendonitis, arthritis, and much more, and can often be caused by sprains or strains related to heavy physical activity. While there are medications and physical therapy options to help fight joint pain, A2M therapy from 3D Sports Medicine, is a relatively new and highly effective type of treatment.

What is A2M Therapy?

A2M therapy takes advantage of a naturally-occurring molecule in our bodies — alpha-2 macroglobulin — that can eliminate the proteins that cause joint pain and all of its complications. While this molecule can be found in our blood in small quantities, it can’t enter the joint space on its own to fight pain and inflammation. That’s where A2M therapy comes in — this type of treatment is actually able to inject the naturally-occurring A2M molecules from your blood into an affected joint space so it can attack the causes of your joint pain and bring you some much-needed pain relief. The sooner you begin A2M therapy, the more relief you’ll feel.

The A2M Joint Pain Therapy Process

First, Dr. Dominguez will evaluate whether you need A2M therapy or whether your joint pain can be treated through more conventional means. This is done through a simple test which will look for the “pain protein” in your joints that A2M helps eliminate. Some joints won’t respond to A2M, so it’s important for Dr. Dominguez to run this test to make sure that this type of treatment will work. If it turns out you have high quantities of this pain protein, he will want to start A2M therapy as soon as possible so you can be on the road to recovery right away.

Second, Dr. Dominguez will take a sample of your blood and run it through a centrifuge to filter out the A2M molecule from the other components. When the A2M is isolated, it’s concentrated up to 6 times so it can attack your pain proteins as effectively as possible. Then it’s drawn into a syringe and injected right back into your body at the area of joint pain, where it can eliminate the proteins that are causing discomfort and inflammation. You may only need one injection to start feeling better, or it may take some time — Dr. Dominguez will determine how many injections you’ll need for maximum relief.

A2M therapy is based purely in science and can provide much-needed relief for almost any kind of joint pain, whether you tripped and sprained your wrist or strained your knee playing football. It takes advantage of a molecule that your body produces naturally, but super-powers it in a centrifuge and injects it into the pain site where it can’t enter on its own. If left untreated, joint pain and its causes can lead to cartilage and bones wearing down, so it’s important to get ahead of it as soon as possible. Get in touch with 3D Sports Medicine today and see if you’re a suitable candidate for this innovative new treatment!